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Part No. : TPS7201QDR
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Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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Physical isolation solution with hardware, will the internal network and the external secret completely physically isolated, without any line connection. This ensures that hackers can not connect online within the classified network, has a very high security. Although the general security of the physical separation method. But the work also caused inconvenience to the data communication difficulties, equipment maintenance costs increase and increase the space and other negative effects. In accordance with the requirements of relevant state policies, the government must implement a network access by internal and external networks, and internal and external networks to achieve physical isolation. This is the process of government information to solve the information security of confidential means necessary. Physical isolation products with a variety of networks and stand-alone environment for information security. The following list only shows a few simple programs. This program for small single LAN network structure. In some small-scale government departments, the function of a single comparison, there is no need to divide several networks, as well as save costs, only some of the workstation node requires a separate access through Modem, Internet dial-up network equipment. This requires access to Internet workstations in the node physical isolation products installed on your computer, let it be able to isolate the state of the network dial-up Internet access, to ensure the security of the internal network. As shown below.
The Gold Sapphire X1950GT graphics card with a core made using 80nm process show RV570XL core has 36 pixel pipelines and 8 vertex shaders group. The effects on the hardware fully supports Direct 9.0c, OpenGL 2.0 and Shader Model 3.0, of course, exclusive of the HDR + AA technology. Sapphire X1950GT and this also supports the common brand 1950PRO/1950GT have switched abandon the HDCP specification. For the growing popularity of HDTV and Windows vista system to provide better support and compatibility. The X1950GT Sapphire Gold Edition DDR3 memory card with the particles, formed 256MB/256Bit the memory specifications. The default core and memory frequency 500MHz/1200MHz. Slightly lower than the standard X1950PRO according to some, but with the Sapphire card has excellent overclocking performance, can easily be transformed into a more powerful graphics performance.

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