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Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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Migration of the most common error log file is not big enough. The error message shown in Listing 1. SQL1704N Database migration failed. Reason code "3". Connected to the database you want to migrate: CONNECT TO sample; use the GET DATABASE CONFIGURATION command to determine the size of the current log file space. For example, the settings in Listing 2: Listing 2. Set the log file space Log file size = 1024 Number of primary log files = 13 the number of secondary log files = 4 log file path = C: DB2NODE0000SQL00004SQLOGDIR can use the following command to increase the log space: UPDATE DB CFG FOR sample using current value * 2. For example, UPDATE DB CFG FOR sample using LOGPRIMARY 26, UPDATE DB CFG FOR sample using LOGSECOND 8.
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