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Part No. : TPS6734ID
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Page Number : 19
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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For all the remote computers in a safe environment is connected to the case of internal security on the network. For example, a government information center located in the city to query the data throughout the branches, or affiliates aggregated data to the information center, you need a very safe measures to protect the internal network from unlawful infringement. As shown below. This program for large organizations in the local area network layout. Here, a government agency within the network is divided into internal classified network and external public network, which had focused on the export of public connection Netcom Internet, part of the computer needs to be able to access two networks, while at the same inside and outside the network to ensure the complete physical isolation. There are some institutions because of the internal functions of the division of the network itself have several separate networks, with physical isolation WISELY program will better integrate these networks, the public network into a full range of plus several internal interactive multi-subnet network security and effective network structure.
Gold Sapphire X1950GT graphics card in this part of the inherited power Sapphire has always been excellent quality, selected materials can also be used to describe luxury. High-end graphics cards using the standard separation of the core and memory design, selected materials science and technology is produced by NeXsem NX2415 + NX2114 two PWM control chip, with a total of 12 positive and negative quality mosfet, a high inductance and magnetic shielding solid-state capacitors, we can see the luxurious use of materials and quality testing by ATI Diagnostic. This powerful graphics card power supply design is fully capable of ensuring stability in the higher frequencies work.

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