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Part No. : TPS65130RGER
Description : 524/534 Thermopile Sensors
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In fact, IPSec VPN within the enterprise network is also highly useful. As mentioned earlier, the power industry has many Web-based applications. The system has different security requirements, key business systems and common applications require isolation, such as the financial system and OA system need to be isolated. However, in isolation at the same time, another part of the system is the need for access to all employees, that is, part of the PC belongs to multiple systems together. This particular demand, resulting in the traditional sense can not be network-based VPN technology in isolation. The reason: Web-based VPN will not allow any part of a PC with multiple VPN. And using network-based MPLS VPN technology will largely change the structure of the network, greatly increasing network investment, increasing the complexity of the network resulting in network transformation and maintenance more difficult, not suitable for business use.
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