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Part No. : TPS61006DGS
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Page Number : 22
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
File Size : 390 Kb

TPS61006DGS Article About

The dawn of the latest products in the web content processing performance, power consumption, to achieve stability across many carriers offer a cost-effective for the better, higher density and more energy efficient overall solution, but also again to the user demonstrated the dawn of the flexibility and product differentiation, enhance the dawn of the status of the product. I believe the total experience, "the dawn of the development of new thinking", under the guidance will be more, newer, closer to the dawn of the users independent research and development product launch, and the dawn of the user to create a higher use value.
In fact, for many enterprises, now that the subtext of the pattern of innovation often is - my product or the original products, resources or the original resources, find new ways to sell, or sell it better. It makes more of the requirements model innovation to stay on the surface in the marketing and the "pseudo-model innovation," provides a breeding ground, some planners every day under the banner name of model innovation, to seize a point hard to do marketing article, concocted some new name of the so-called "new marketing model", after the slick packaging and boasted after the sale to the enterprise, is the best example!

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