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Part No. : TPS5420DR
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Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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Feature detection of known attack or invasion deterministic manner described, the formation of the corresponding event model. When the audit events and mode of invasion known to match, that alarm. Principle is similar with the expert system. The detection method with the computer virus detection method similar. Based on the characterization of the current package is widely used for pattern matching. The method is higher forecast accuracy rate of detection, but no empirical knowledge of the invasion and the attack could do nothing. Statistical anomaly detection model used in the statistical model commonly measured parameters include: the number of audit events, the interval of time, resources consumption and so on. Commonly used statistical models intrusion detection 5: 1, the operation model, the model assumes that exception can be measured compared with the number of fixed targets are fixed targets can experience or the statistical average over time are, for example, multiple failures in a short time login password is most likely try to attack;
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