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Part No. : TPS40055PWP
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Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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Todays IT enterprises and organizations in the field of information security more complex than ever before facing the situation. This is both from outside the organization on emerging businesses and the invasion and attack, but also from businesses and organizations within the breaches and leaks. In order to continue to address new security challenges, enterprises and organizations have deployed anti-virus systems, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, vulnerability scanning system, UTM, etc., these complex IT resources and their security and defense facilities, including network equipment, systems and applications running continuously produce large amounts of logs and events. These logs are very important to the normal operation of the network, which records the system, all sorts of things happen every day, you can use it to check what caused the error, monitor the users behavior, unusual circumstances or when the attacker attacks traces. Although the audit logs can help managers find a lot of security breaches and violations, but because of this work to the management level of expertise and it is often difficult to spread, in most cases only as a professional security company to provide a services.
Starting from the phone manufacturer to determine if the input of the CDMA mobile phone will be a huge risk, a speculative return of slim. A consensus of the international telecommunications industry is: if we really want in the fierce competition in the survival of international mobile phone market, 50 million production is a necessary precondition. But given the world in early 2000, only 5,000 million CDMA users, then the output of the 50 million of the necessary standards of accuracy, the emerging mobile phone manufacturers in Chinas strategic thinking is less important. For international mobile phone giant, GPRS and 3G mobile phone R & D, commercialization has been unbearable pressure, if only to 3G and not because of the time range beyond the 3-year, geographical limitations in the Asia / China, and the outlook is less clear in the CDMA carried out a substantial investment in mobile phone market, then both can not be accountable to the shareholders benefit, and no room for real money; not to mention the Chinese telecommunications industry decision-makers from the outset, expressly provides: Foreign companies may not participate in CDMA mobile phone!

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