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Part No. : TPS3823-30DBVR
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Page Number : 14
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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ROLLFORWARD DATABASE database name [TO {time, END OF LOGS}] [TABLESPACE] Here are some examples of ROLLFORWARD command: This example of the mydb database back to the current moment. AND STOP words is to make the database not be set to ROLLFORWARD PENDING state, and can be accessed: ROLLFORWARD DATABASE mydb TO END OF LOGS AND STOP The following example mydb database forward recovery, and re-run before the specified date and time on all matters submitted: ROLLFORWARD DATABASE mydb TO 2000-09-26-10.3059 AND STOP following examples are in the database mydb to a table space before the recovery. This command is in the implementation of a table space level issued after the recovery, it applies only to the restored table space. This command-line that recovery is carried forward, and to carry out to the current time:
1, "Start" - "Programs" - "Administrative Tools" - "Local Security Policy", Microsoft recommends using the local security policy settings for IPsec, because the local security policy applied only to the local computer, and usually are for a ipsec tailor-made computer. 2, right-click "Ip Security Policies on Local Machine", select "Manage IP filter lists and filter actions", started managing IP filter lists and filter actions dialog box. Create an IP filter only, and related operations to be able to establish a corresponding IPsec security policy. 3, in the secure communication requirements page, do not choose to "Activate the default response rule", the next step; 4., In the complete page, select "Edit Properties", complete. 5, in the "Deny access to the port of tcp135 Properties" dialog box set, first set the rules: 1, by default, any IPsec security policies have not been assigned. First of all we have to establish the safety of the new assignment strategies, In the Local Security Policy MMC, right-click we just created, "" Deny access to properties on the tcp135 port "security policy, select the" assignment.

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