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Part No. : TPS3103K33DBVR
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Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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3. Part of the network management function is not strong enough to meet the needs of some of the lack of collection and analysis of network management systems, lack of useful reporting tools to enable maintenance personnel need to spend a lot of energy statistics and analysis, work efficiency is low. Some manufacturers of DSLAM network can only be basic fault alarm management, security, early warning and simple port management operations, compliance rates can not be port rate, the user dropping rate and other statistical anomalies, making broadband users to enhance the quality of service is limited.
In addition, high-end system platform, the Great Wall Wang BTX-500SE dual card expansion power supply interface is very rich, providing a PIN +8 PIN +4 PIN structure to meet the VRM11 power specifications, to achieve the Core Duo processor, effective support. But also on the AMD AM2 processor architecture to achieve compatibility complementary; dual SATA power outlet, network color-coded sets of everything, also by large D-4pin to 6-pin connector on the PCIE graphics converter to support. Materials used inside the Great Wall BTX-500SE with high-end quality 1000uF capacitor, rare 3 EMI filter design, superior anti-jamming, to provide over-voltage protection, over power protection and short circuit protection of the security measures, compared to the market with the file products with a full luxury, I would urge consumer expectations. +12 V CPU +3.3 V-5V-12V +5 VSB 0.3 1.0 1.0 0.5 - 0 0 15.0 14.0 17.0 24.0 - 0.3 2.5 Power Maximum Power: 500W Rated Power: 400W Harmonic GB17625.1-2003 related to meet the harmonic current inhibition required 300 days into the Beijing Olympic Games countdown. With this, the computer also ignited the city "Olympic style." As the veteran of the power companies - HuntKey this year, the industry can be described in the rapid rise of the chassis. HuntKey brand chassis for its unique panel design, fine workmanship won the majority of DIYER of all ages.

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