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Part No. : TPS2384PAP
Description : 524/534 Thermopile Sensors
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Although AMD and Intel dual-core processors come out in 2005, all manufacturers have launched their own respective dual-core servers. With dual-core products, so naturally a user, the application of the issue can not be ignored. So ready to purchase dual-core server users should pay attention to what the problem? New technologies and new products on the market is undoubtedly the biggest impact a good price. Evaluation report from the relevant point of view, dual-core processor performance far exceeded expectations, in comparison with the frequency of product testing, almost twice the single-core processor. In the dawn of the test R4380 dual-core server does not meet the targets are the calculation of the machine peak, indicating that this station is equipped with four pairs of core Opteron server processor computing power is very strong data. Just from the price for dual-core processors, AMDs official explanation is the most low-end dual-core products and the most high-end single-core products, prices close to, but the performance will be increased by 30%. In other words, you spend the same money, you can give up buying the highest frequency of single-core processors, and switch to dual-core. Specific to each of the dual-core server, because you have not the time to mass production, said the overall price is not good. But certainly, it will be more than the original road and clusters cheaper.
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