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Part No. : TPS2375PW
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Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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MSI GPS products to see the development process of the first generation of 6600 in fact, GPS is not the real product, there is no built-in module for it, no matter how that can not be considered complete navigation equipment, GPS MSI products only small scale first chopper. To the 6610 era, MSI can be said to officially open the navigation of the road signs, and the use of GPS modules and the public appears to be too hasty, we can see some of the navigation products market in appearance and very similar to the satellite 6610, so this MSI machine barely counted as a pioneer. Finally, MSI 6620 came, with full GPS functionality, with beautiful appearance. So we expect this MSI 6620 will inevitably be higher. In addition to form a breakthrough performance in terms of performance, how will it? Really this car / portable GPS dual-use products are no longer supported by rotating the antenna, it can still guarantee precise and rapid positioning? The price of 3599 yuan, nearly 1,000 more expensive than the 6600 yuan price really worth it?

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