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Part No. : TPS2340APFP
Description : SMPS Controller
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Of course, in managing multi-core technology, domestic information security vendors did not slow down the pace of industrialization of multi-core applications, Venus completed in 2009 to switch the low-end UTM products, based on the ready in 3 years to complete full range of information security products from the X86 platform, switching to multi-core platform - 2010 will complete the full range of UTM, IPS product switching, will be completed in 2011 IDS, audit and other products of the switch. Similarly, we can see, the same rocks to control the multi-core technology, network bandwidth management and Internet Division also acts to actively promote the management, direction. In the back we can not see, Im sure there are many information security manufacturers were also closer to the multi-core direction.
How far? Operations manager of China Unicom market range of the explanation is that China Unicom is now open narrowband CDMA, can not carry a lot of data services, CDMAs advantage and is not reflected. However, analysts pointed out that mobile phone operators do not form a solid and strategic alliance is a major failing of Unicom CDMA. Until the end of January, CDMA mobile phones on the market only four brands, so many users wait in line to get service. In response, mobile phone manufacturers and uncompromising Unicom, China Unicom started blaming each other less, the price is too high, believes that mobile phone operators, China Unicoms feeling seems great, in fact, CDMA market has not been opened. Yang Mian Mian, president of Haier Group, said: "If there is no order, we will not for production. I think the consumer market was not so high, not too many people to buy CDMA mobile phone." To March, the Ministry of Haier produced only a few hundred CDMA mobile phone, and Haiers production capacity is 500 million.

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