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Part No. : TPS2043ADR
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Page Number : 32
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
File Size : 484 Kb

TPS2043ADR Article About

mv netstat.gz? netstat.gz; mv ps.gz? ps.gz; mv pstree.gz? pstree.gz; mv pt07.gz? pt07.gz; mv slice2.gz? slice2.gz; mv syslogd.gz? syslogd.gz; mv netstat / bin; mv ps / bin; mv tcpd / usr / sbin /; mv syslogd / usr / sbin; mv pt07 / usr / lib /; mv pstree / usr / bin; touch-t 199910122110 / usr/lib/pt07 touch-t 199910122110 / usr / sbin / syslogd touch-t 199910122110 / usr / sbin / tcpd touch-t 199910122110 / bin / ps touch-t 199910122110 / bin / netstat touch-t 199910122110 / usr / bin / pstree cat / etc / inetd.conf | grep-v 15678/tmp/b mv / tmp / b / etc / inetd.conf read the content, we can understand some of the following actions:
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