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Part No. : TPS2034D
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Page Number : 23
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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Isolation card through the card network security hardware logic controllers on the physical layer access control, and its physical isolation in full compliance with security requirements. At the same time using a hardware key to ensure the safety of isolation card itself is not broken. Therefore, in working condition, whether sitting in a remote hacker or other personnel of the machine next to the computer can not defeat the security protection. Network security is a multi-channel isolation hub switching equipment, isolate it and network security with the use of cards. It has a standard RJ45 interface card entry is connected with the network security isolation, exports were connected to the hub with internal and external networks. It detects the network card issued by the special security isolation signal, identify the connected computer, and automatically switch to the appropriate network cable on the network HUB. Achieve more independence and security of computer network security both internal and external connections, and automatic switching for improved system security. And solve the multi-network routing problems, can connect two networks through a secure computer network line can only multi-network switching and connectivity. Greater improvement on the existing network to help.
Microsofts Windows Vista has released this year, recent official web site of the most popular game on the DirectX10 effects of the picture, we can see in Figure DirectX10 gaming performance in the world, has been very close to the real world . So as a gamers, in the end there is no need to upgrade DirectX10 it? And Microsofts DirectX 10 really give us what? Here we look at all aspects of DirectX10: From DirectX9.0C transition to the biggest change is DirectX10 Shader Model 4.0 and unified shader architecture. A, DirectX10 latest graphics technology - Shader Model 4.0 we should also remember DirectX9.0C era, ATIs X800 series of graphics cards although the performance itself is indeed very strong, but because the hardware was not supported SM3.0 abandoned by many players. So that by the age of DirectX10 after, SM4.0 is a DirectX10 graphics card with one of the characteristics that must be.

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