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For this terminology, the most common use of the computer user errors, the compiler is incorrectly interpreted as "Optimizer", in this case, often only the "optimization" as "improvement" of the synonyms. Although the meaning of the word similar, optimization refers to the conditions in the presence of constraints, a specific objective function minimized or maximized. By contrast, "improving" means "to make things better", does not have the "optimization" of vital importance to the concept of "balance" of meaning. Computer system design optimization is to select the specific objective function parameters to maximize or minimize the same time, other objectives also usually feature a "sub-optimal" solution. Commonly used in the objective function, there are many conflicting arguments, for example, low-cost and high performance, low power and high performance and so on. Once the conflicting design parameters, will be quantified according to the specific objective function formula to find the "optimum" design point - such as explicit requirements, increased by 10% of the performance of other design objectives will have what effect?

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