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TPIC1533 Datasheet | Texas Instruments
Part No. : TPIC1533
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Page Number : 17
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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TPIC1533 Article About

NCR RealPOS 5966 compared to other similar displays have broader vision and a faster reaction speed, and further show that it is in the retail environment the value of extraordinary advantage. In addition, the display also supports industry-standard drivers, application software and operating systems, so as to more effectively ensure that it and the retailer or other existing seamless integration of new system configurations. In the development process, NCR RealPOS 5966 stood in the harsh retail environment to run in strict test. It has five-wire resistive touch technology, the screen can withstand all kinds of pollution in general retail outlets, such as dust, grease, coffee, detergent and gasoline. Its design is also easy to maintain, can quickly remove the key components to further reduce the total cost of ownership.
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