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Part No. : TPA751DGN
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Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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Compared to 2009 statistics, the 2010 survey results with minor variations: from such investments have not considered the number of enterprises accounted for 8.9% of research enterprises, compared to 2009 dropped by nearly 4 percentage points, which indicates that more companies have found that data security worries and may to some extent, hinder the development of the enterprise; 1 to 3 months the proportion of planned investment companies are still hovering at 6.9%, did not break the 7, to a certain extent reflected in the decisions companies make such investments relatively cautious before psychology, this mentality has just gone through a financial crisis for companies around the world at any level are quite normal. Hope that within six months and 1 year of data and system security in the investment projects relative to 2009 average annual number of enterprises has increased, respectively, 16.9% and 40,7%, frequent disasters in the world today, countries in the name of repeated portal was hacked grim situation, the corporate investment decision speed much improvement.
Over the past few months, Microsofts official position has always been Windows 7 will ship in January 2010, the mainstream launch of Windows Vista is the occasion of the expiry of three years. But Microsoft has always been a matter of fact within the target in 2009, we have previously mentioned many times. PC makers either privately or publicly, have said everything is according to the progress in 2009, but kept putting the previous ones memories of Vista, Microsoft is saying this will not going to die. Veghte said that the reason why the launch date confirmed, mainly because of late last month released version of Windows 7 RC so good initial response. Veghte said that compared to the previous beta version, the RC version of the number of crashes has decreased significantly. He said the market reaction to good or bad youll know. Now smell a good reaction. Equally important, Veghte said that also saw the support of partners has reached the required standard, he noted that the company has made two groups of Windows 7, logo certification, the first is the graphics chip manufacturers.

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