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Part No. : TP560X
Description : TRANSISTOR | BJT | NPN | STX-8
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In our analysis of the performance of IDS, the main consideration detection system effectiveness, efficiency and availability. Testing the effectiveness of detection accuracy and system reliability of test results, it is the development, design and application of the premise and purpose of the IDS, IDS testing and evaluation is the main indicator of the efficiency of the processing of data from the detection rate and economic of perspective, which is focused on detection cost performance improvements. Availability including system scalability, user interface usability, ease of deployment configuration and so on. Effectiveness of the design and application IDS is to develop the premise and purpose, and therefore the main indicators of IDS testing and evaluation, but the efficiency and availability of the IDSs performance also played a very important role. Efficiency and availability permeate into all aspects of system design. This section test the effectiveness, efficiency and usability point of view, the performance of IDS testing and evaluation indicators discussed.
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