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Part No. : TOP246YN
Description : TOPSwitch-GX Family Extended Power, Design Flexible, EcoSmart, Integrated Off-line Switcher
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Manufacturer : Power Integrations, Inc.
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2008 China Software Independent Innovation Forum and the "2008 China Software Innovation Report" conference opening to the future development of China-made software the way, and innovation are discussed. Artesyn Technologies live transmission of the forum. Forum held on the theme site "software city competition and differences between" live dialogue, creating the software of the problems facing cities and explore the road of development, the following scene Record. Moderator: Thank you, Zhang, first of all to thank Zhang of Dalians flattering, while Zhang and innovation in the future development of the backbone of the role of the arguments which have left us a profound effect. Keynote address at the end here, we thank the warm applause of the three keynote speaker. Friends, the next time, came to the dialogue of the time, at the meeting, when I read in 2008 China Software Innovation Report, I have found many with the Dalian city as beautiful as the beautiful, but also has many advantages and features to develop their own software industry, today we go to the following several guests, and everyone will work together to explore the future development of Chinas software. Field Dialogue: Urban competition and differences between the software we have requested the City Council Deputy director of Science and Technology of Suzhou, Suzhou Hi-tech Software Park, chairman of Mr. Tang Jianxiang, have requested the development of Xian High-tech Development Co., Ltd. Mr. Chen Hongtao, deputy director of the CMC, there is please Wuhan mushrooms deputy director of national high Mr. Zhang Fudong, Shenzhen Software Park should be less, Mr., Beijing, Hangzhou Cheng Fang, a light optical implementation of good sense, as our guests todays dialogue. Also very fortunate to go to a senior Hutchison
Analysys view: Analysys International believes that the job cuts by multinational corporations operating in the basic strategy of globalization, aimed at controlling operating costs to increase profits beyond the core markets of China, not for the original IBM ThinkPad employees. Analysys analysis: "expenditure / sales" ratio is higher than peers is urgent need to improve the competitive disadvantage Lenovo Acer Computer of Taiwans global sales rose rapidly, causing pressure to Lenovo. Lenovo Group to the Groups operating costs to a considerable level competitors need to reduce high-paying jobs overseas, be transferred to the relatively low labor cost regions.

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