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TNY267P Datasheet | Power Integrations, Inc.
Part No. : TNY267P
Description : Enhanced, Energy Efficient, Low Power Off-line Switcher
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Page Number : 20
Manufacturer : Power Integrations, Inc.
File Size : 516 Kb

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IBM has launched a new research project, the use of grid technology for the treatment of AIDS. "World Community Grid" will collaborate with the Scripps Research Institute to design new drugs to treat AIDS. This called FightAIDS @ Home plans to use more than 170,000 computer idle processing power. Scripps Research Institute Professor of Molecular Biology Department, said in a statement Olson, to address this problem in the calculation of the difficulties is that a large number of possible variations and the possible need to test the number of chemical compounds. The new "World Community Grid" project will implement a large number of calculations to assess the various chemical compounds and the possible reaction between the mutant virus. Generally used by government or business PC, printer and other equipment, annual depreciation rate of about 10% to 15%, according to what the depreciation rate of a PC or a printer, how will use a 6, 7 years and back. However, vendors of hardware upgrades, software upgrades, the slowest are 2 to 3 years, just the depreciation rate twice as fast than the user, network products, slightly slower, but not synchronize. In other words, the users demand is likely to jump from the PII P4, PIII jump from the 64-bit or dual core.
Previously, IDC estimated in 2002 Pocket PC industry will grow 15%, but now appears weak consumer confidence, business spending sluggish, the pace of recovery. Germanys leading chip maker Infineon Technologies subsidiary of a Japanese claim that they have developed LSI chip containing fabric - "wearable electronic products." The Japanese subsidiary, held a pre-exhibition to show the middle of a textile jacket washing in MP3 player. Infineon has developed with a waterproof sound processor IC packaging and micro-controllers, and fabric containing electrical conductors, but these two are the basis for wearable electronics technology.

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