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Multi-core technology to increase processor performance, while substantially upgrading the price accordingly, the need for processing power of the sector in terms of class enterprise applications to select multi-core processors can really bring more benefits. But in terms of entry-level users, such as individual users, Internet cafes, small enterprises, limited application and funding so that these users do not need an expensive multi-core processors. This will be introduced today, HP ML110 G4 is an entry-level dual-core server, priced at only 5,500 yuan, it is more suitable for some small businesses. The HP ProLiant ML110 G4440288-AA1 by 4U tower structure, standard a IntelPentium D 925 processor, the Pentium D Surely we are not familiar, it is the release of the first generation of Intel dual-core processors. Presler core CPU with Fengyun, 65nm process, 3.0GHz frequency, Integrated 2x2MB cache, front side bus to 800MHz. Standard 512MB ECC DDR2 memory, motherboard Intel3000 chipset, providing four memory slots, memory can be upgraded up to 8GB. Figure HP ProLiant ML110 G4 storage, HP ML110 G4 comes standard with 160GB SATA hard drive can support up to four SATA hard drives. -Board RAID controller, users can also purchase hard to form a disk array. Standard 48x CD-ROM drive. Look at the scalability of the server, the motherboard provides four memory slots, four hard drive bays, the other to provide two 32-bit / 33MHz PCI slots, two PCI-Express slot, integrated embedded NC320i PCIe Gigabit network adapter adapter. Power is 370W. Configuration point of view from these HP ML110 G4, or have a certain ability to scale. The HP ProLiant ML110 G4 for some small businesses, Internet cafes and individual users as a small file / print servers, server roles, more appropriate focus on quality and good service, and limited financial resources of users. HP ProLiant ML110 G4440288-AA1 Price: 5500 yuan
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