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Part No. : TLV5616ID
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Page Number : 23
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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D-Link for home and SOHO users to launch a high-performance 4-port Broadband Router DIR-100, has already arrived Tai Electronics City, better performance set a limit of household products, small business use was also significantly increased network throughput and speed. Router can support 100 users packaging concurrent access, this may be the most attractive place this product, but also increased the price is relatively a lot. DIR-100 in the exterior design and production is also good on the shell is made of mirror material, piano paint. DIR-100 uses a 200MHz RISC CPU and hardware NAT / NAPT designed to avoid the address translation delay caused by the CPU and software processing delay, significantly improve the network throughput capacity and speed, which makes DIR-100 overall data throughput capacity of the processing power is much higher than similar products currently on the market. In terms of safety, DIR-100 provides firewall can block the DDoS attacks from the network and virus attacks. There are also parental controls, parents can become a "network administrator", URL filtering out undesirable sites and control the use of the Internet time. DIR-100 in the design with the D-link in the previous product line of succession, the volume of small mainly black, silver, surrounded by the border. DIR-100 design has a WAN port, 4 10/100M Ethernet ports, support MDI / MDIX adaptive support 802.3x flow control, VPN support for PPTP, IPSec, L2TP pass through. Editorial: D-Link DIR-100 router relatively modest price, suitable for small office and SOHO users to select high-end, and now the price is 220 yuan, and interested friends can focus the next. D-Link DIR-100 [market price] 220 [recommend business] think flight network [business address] Wo or three E District 30 F District 78 [Phone] 13930412605
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