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Part No. : TLP630
Description : Telecommunication
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Page Number : 9
Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor
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TLP630 Article About

Indeed, from the ADIs DSP development strategy can be seen, DSP products and technologies have penetrated into many areas of semiconductor applications, and DSP vendors such as ADI constant innovation, the so-called general purpose DSP and embedded DSP boundaries no longer so entirely different, GM has demonstrated a certain degree of relativity, which uses although widely used, but application-oriented. The latest products also reflects the general DSP digital signal processor is constantly played down its characteristics as a separate chip, because they have to go multi-core line, in addition to increased speed and processing power, but also depending on the target application "customizable" integration of the increasingly The more other circuits, such as control, peripherals, bus, emerging interfaces, cache and so on.
Many businesses already have a VPN, providing connectivity for remote access. But the VPN configuration is not a simple thing or just rely on experience and is currently restricted VPN an important factor in the rapid development is its scalability, when using the 802.11b standard, VPN gateway is difficult to be extended. Current 40Mbps VPN device can be exposed to 100Mbps of IPSec traffic - enough to meet the remote dial-up users or DSL users. For 802.11a, each user can only provide traffic to 1 Mbps to 10 Mbps. For 802.11b networks, if the basic network services to achieve the enterprises VPN 100Mbps in each segment may have up to 300 to 500 users. When the application software to increase the bandwidth, or access point with 802.11a nodes, it will lower the VPN segment of each 100M can only take 100 to 200 users. VPN of some shortcomings: expensive gateways, the lack of widespread customer support, limited roaming, there is no management control.

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