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Function, PP uses separate audio processing chip WOLFSON 8987, OPPO has always been unique in the PAD double clean with the help of audio noise reduction technology, the audio signal to noise ratio to achieve the 93dB level. In addition to supporting conventional MP3 and WMA audio files, PP is also compatible with both FLAC and APE lossless formats. Also worth mentioning is that, OPPO latest DBEE spontaneous development will also be added to the PP sound, this sound is mainly to enhance the bass, I believe that music can make interpretation of PP is more perfect. Edit Comment: As an upgraded version of D19L, PP not only have a color screen and can support the comparison is affected by attention, good sound quality both FLAC and APE lossless compression files. But also in adding features while optimizing industrial design, PP, and D19L prices still remain the same level should be said that the force of the impact of listing is certainly not small. At the same time the listing also indicates that PP D19L retiring.
Black Edition AM2 Dual-Core 5000 + processor will help more users realize that overclocking just to make the best use, not a luxury, as long as when overclocking a good grasp of the "degree", you can not spend money and enjoy more benefits, which is the dream of many players. China International Communication Equipment and Technology Exhibition opened in Beijing today. Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. to "move, all IP, integration" as the theme, a comprehensive display of Huaweis next generation mobile networks, IP networks, core network, telecom value-added services, 3G terminals, the latest products and end to end solution for IP era was exciting to bring the whole experience. "Leading mobile networks to IP" Huawei has become the future direction of the mobile space. The launch of Huaweis comprehensive platform, based on all IP end to end solution for mobile networks, showing support, including UMTS, GSM, CDMA, WiMAX, including all IP BSC platform. Meanwhile, UMTS AP, SRRU other mobile Huawei recently introduced products, and VoIP standard in interoperability between different mobile business group also appeared to show the Huawei mobile networks to IP in leading the eras technological advantage. Ended September 2007, Huawei has obtained 66 UMTS / HSPA commercial contracts for Vodafone, Telefonica, America Mobile, France Telecom, Telecom Italia, Etisalat, China Mobile, China Unicom, the worlds top operators such as the leading mobile network solution. As operators of the ALL IP broadband network trusted the best business partners, based on Huawei as a whole shows "Multi-Screen Experience" concept "ALL IP Broadband Architecture" products and solutions, including terabit FTTx solutions, IP MAN solutions, and based on OTN / ASON large capacity multi-service transport platform for users different from the ultra-broadband Triple Play, business experience, to help operators improve in the ALL IP broadband era differentiated service capabilities. The "fusion to create value" as the theme, Huawei demonstrated the integration of all IP core network integrated solutions, including the integration of IMS-based multimedia solutions, mobile soft switching solution 2.0, mobile broadband solutions, the integration of user data centers, can help operators build a future of converged networks and business innovation environment and achieve commercial success of multimedia, allowing end users to experience high-quality network services and rich multimedia services. Participants can experience the site services, including multimedia conferencing, media sharing, IP Centrex and so on. Huaweis terminal display area gathered in TD-SCDMA mobile phones, WCDMA phones, CDMA mobile phones, 3G data card and a series for the operators to customize the end product. TD-SCDMA handsets by Huaweis new products, visitors first experience the 3G era of video calls, streaming media and other exciting activities. In addition, Huawei several fashion, a unique concept phone has also attr

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