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Part No. : TLP3507
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Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor
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Integrity analysis focuses on whether a file or object is changed, including the contents of files and directories and property, which was changed in the discovery, was of special network applications Iraq particularly effective. Integrity analysis using a strong encryption mechanism, called the message digest function, can identify tiny changes. The advantage is that no matter pattern matching and statistical analysis methods can find the invasion, led a successful attack as long as the document or other object of any change, it can find. The disadvantage is generally achieved in batch mode, not used for real-time response. Firewall network security guards to play the role of the door, and out of the data in accordance with the rules pre-set match, in line with the rules to be released, since the role of access control, network security is the first gate. Excellent firewall application protocol even for high-level dynamic analysis, protection and out of the data application layer security. However, firewall functionality also have limitations. Firewall can only access the network data analysis, the events within the network completely powerless.
"It is not to make the industry reshuffle, but to give a direction that all the security vendors." This argument sounds modest, but in reality it has been some rampant. In fact, the odd tiger launch anti-virus feature, it has become very much the cooperation of Kaspersky embarrassment. Although Zhou Hongyi, said 360 security guards will continue to recommend in its platform, Kaspersky anti-virus software. However, with their "children", the odd tiger others will foster "child" as well? Free people can not help but ask the topic of profit model. Talk about this, Zhou Hongyi is somewhat vague. "What we are really not profitable, and also no time to consider how to make money, let alone split." Zhou Hongyi can think of is that the future may learn from the odd tiger 360 online games and Tencent QQ model, that the basis of the free services have large numbers of users, based on the value-added services through fees. However, the specific development of what kind of "value-added services," Zhou Hongyi himself seems to have no plan.

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