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Part No. : TL7700CP
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Page Number : 11
Manufacturer : Texas Instruments
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IBM 1998 16.8GB hard drive will be launched in 2000, began to single platter 40GB hard drive products. In 2003, Western Digital is the introduction of a single platter capacity of 80GB, the maximum storage capacity of 250GB, WD2500JD hard drive with SATA interface; and the introduction of Ultra ATA interface 250GB WD2500JB hard drive. WD2500JB hard disk cache of up to 8 MB, general products for the industry is 4 times more than any other IDE hard drives have higher performance levels; and WD2500JD hard drives are ideal for next-generation computers and low-end enterprise storage, so these two Western Digital product to its good cost performance quickly became the mainstream of the market in 2003.

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