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Two years ago, the international financial crisis has become increasingly clear to the worlds major economies, into a "re-industrialization" of the track. It precipitated the world, including China, Manufacturing in major economies to the wave. The output of the field as the input device IT experts, Epson customers based on industry market value of recycling to clearly validate this trend. In early 2009, Epson Group Chairman and Managing Director Minoru Usui give employees as early as the beginning of a question: "We always have to think - what is the best way to create value for customers?" From the beginning of this question mark, Minoru Usui Epson quickly will lead the industrial development zone to which the new rule: all changes in the value for the customer-centric business model, which processes and implement research and development, production and delivery activities to deliver solutions for our customers - not just products. Quickly change had an immediate effect, the data show that the actual performance of Epson 2009 than expected, which in-one printer market share tripled over the previous year turned, dot matrix printer market share of nearly 50%, projection the first machine to gain market share, and including financial, retail, health care, education and many other industries have achieved significant growth market.
VII Technology --- Technology Post to increase the total investment, significant scientific and technological achievements in 2001, the State Post Bureau issued a total of 113 new technology development projects. A total of 124 subjects completed this year. National Posts total investment 215,492,000 yuan technology, scientific and technological achievements registered in the Post 297, of which 45 reached the advanced level. Annual telecom business volume completed 395.32 billion yuan, an increase of 26.2%; telecom business revenue of 357.19 billion yuan, up 16.1%; year to achieve 600 billion yuan total telecommunications Deficit, 29% over the previous year. 264.8 billion yuan in fixed asset investment, an increase of 15.3%. Fixed asset investment for two years more than 200 billion yuan, total assets of more than 1 trillion yuan.

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