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Part No. : TEA3717DP
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Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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Status under the CRC IP MAN tube can be seen, the existing broadband network management system can not meet the business development and network management needs, to a large extent affected the IP network in the telecom market more competitive. As the market develops, the continuous expansion of network size, network-based applications, has introduced a variety of new services, users are increasingly demanding Internet applications, the network must have efficient data processing and feedback, and they build a strong The IP unified integrated network management system is imperative. CRC has already begun in some provinces, IP MAN construction of a unified integrated network management of the pilot, now a province of the building model are presented. Early construction of the province, 11 MAN, about 2,000 the number of network devices, servers, equipment 50 or so, the number of 1000 around the circuit, network devices have a router, three / two-story switches, broadband aggregation server, BRAS, ADSL Central Office equipment, manufacturers are ZTE, Huawei, Harbour, UT-Starcom, Cisco and Alcatel.
Recently, the "HuntKey" series chassis pushed a boutique brand. Panel design is not only creative, but has a very high price. Current media offer 330 yuan, also comes standard with a HuntKey 2008 power supply. "Torch" case panel shape similar to the Olympic flame, very dynamic, full tension. Front 2 USB and 2 high-fidelity audio output is convenient and practical, one step ahead. 4 CD-bit and 6 bit allows you to free hard disk expansion. Great power support for large motherboard, side panels 38 degrees to the chassis overall cooling duct obstruction. The unique design of EMI radiation protection, environmental protection, while taking care of your health.

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