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Part No. : TEA2019
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Manufacturer : STMicroelectronics
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Shanghai Unicoms "zero-purchase price" scheme refers to a one-off pre-paid customers as long as a certain amount of calls, Unicom will send a "wave" or "Samsung" the CDMA phones. Deduction of 178 per month for at least the next until the end of prepaid calls or less 20 months only. Insiders believe that the "zero unit price" is only short-term marketing plan, rather than long-term comprehensive strategy. In fact, the Ministry of Information Industry, is expressly prohibited "subsidy mobile phone", it is estimated this is only short-term promotions CDMA, was approved by the Ministry of Information Industry. Online there are comments directed at China Unicom even the promotion wrong. China Unicom CDMA user capacity of less than previous estimates mainly due to shortage of CDMA mobile phones, ie mobile phones can be improved more than the amount of boarding, but now are having a suction machine to send off, it is baffling.

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