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September 2009, the seventeenth session of the organizing committee of China International Finance Exhibition will be "the sixtieth anniversary of founding of new China in particular Distinguished Service Award" went to Epson. In this most prestigious award the name behind a series of giant clients: Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, China Construction Bank, ICBC, Agricultural Bank, CITIC Bank, Minsheng Bank and so on. "We not only want to ensure that customers use the product safe, reliable, most importantly, how to use products and solutions that help clients improve their interests." Epson Koike, general manager of the Qing Wen said. The next question is, Epsons exactly how the new rules do play a role? Make champions this way everything in the era of what is important is not to do, but how to do it. Compared with the mass market, trade market for the application of input and output devices and system integrity more prominent, if players need more mass market, then the industry needs of the market is a winning team. In other words, the overall coordination between the players is a top priority. Epson service in the case of the Agricultural Bank of China to clearly reflect this philosophy.
First, the effectiveness of the communications industry reform has been set up --- side, side of the building, side business, to promote the management reform, promoting the services to manage the Railway Company March 1, 2001 the official carrier, 2001 Railway company of "edge set, edge construction, side business, "the guidelines, the basic completion of the institutional set up, operation over the network transformation, interconnection and other infrastructure work. Provided to the appropriate part of the public telecommunications business and services, has made some social and economic benefits. 2001 was a year of rapid development of China Netcom, the company continues to take the technical innovation and institutional innovation on the road, adhere to the fundamental interests of the shareholders to maximize the starting point for the positive response to the State Council, major decisions on telecommunications restructuring, the successful completion of the business objectives; the company realized the strategic shift from construction to operations, and established a set from the initial planning, budgeting, performance evaluation to the management processes and systems.

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