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TDA6130-5 Datasheet | Siemens Semiconductor Group
Part No. : TDA6130-5
Description : 2-GHz MIXER
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Page Number : 8
Manufacturer : Siemens Semiconductor Group
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An inquiry is based on general statements of well-known open-source Eclipse Birt technology. It features a very easy to use with the Eclipse style of report design interface, support for numerous data sources with rich layout capabilities and output formats. Subnet division, in fact, the process of designing the network mask. Subnet mask IP addresses are mainly used to distinguish the network ID and host ID, which is used to shield part of IP address from the IP address in the isolated network ID and host ID. Subnet mask is a decimal number by 4 the numerical composition of the "middle with". "separated, such as If it is written in binary form: 11111111.11111111.11111111.00000000, which is" 1 "bit isolated from the network ID, to" 0 "bit isolated host ID, that is, through the IP address and subnet mask "and" logic operation, draw network number. For example, assume that IP address is, the subnet mask is, the network ID for the 192.160 .4.0, host ID to computer network ID different, then they are not the same physical subnet can be forwarded through the router to exchange data. Each class has a default subnet mask address: For A Class to, for Class B is, for the C class is In addition to using the above representation, there used to mask the "1" bits to represent, in default case, A class A address is 8 bits, B class address is 16 bits, C class address is 24 bits. For example, A class of an address is / 8, where the last "8" indicates that the address 8-bit subnet mask, and that network subnet mask has 28 bits. If you want to create a network subnet, it is necessary in the default network mask adding some bits, it reduces the number of bits used for host addresses. to determine the number of bits in the mask can be configured in the network. Thus, by the subnet in a network, each address contains a network address, a subnet bits and host address, as shown in Figure 1. In Figure 1, the subnet host address bits from the highest adjacent spaces, and from an 8-bit bit group beginning the border, because the default 8-bit subnet mask is always set at the end of the border. As the host bits in net bit by adding the increase, we can count from left to right, and the location associated with and their values. to convert them to decimal. Figure 1
We are in the annex, see an active cooling fan, suitable for DIY players to use. Although the board adopted the excellent performance of the integrated heat pipe passive cooling system, but consider some of the needs of overclockers, or provide a fan when the user solve the heat problem in overclocking. Foxconn X38 board is currently on the market in the sale of the second product, and the first listed Gigabyte X38-DQ6 motherboard is different is that more people feel this product is a surprise or surprises, like the model as a decent DIY products, Foxconn has finally come up with proof of their strength to the world. The packaging style are very different. After reading the fine exterior and accessories section, I want to put the following we will focus attention on this board.

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