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TD6350P Datasheet | NTE Electronics
Part No. : TD6350P
Description : SOLID TANTALUM
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Page Number : 1
Manufacturer : NTE Electronics
File Size : 18 Kb

TD6350P Article About

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Hubei Mobile, responsible person that Unicom violations to 200 yuan package to fight the "monthly" system, the local call per minute, 0.2 yuan in the "low tariff packages," "public security card" and tariff policy a serious violation of state regulations, breaking the Unicom Mobile tariffs lower than 10% of the companys bottom line, a large number of mobile high-end customers the company was "poached." Hubei Unicom, a responsible person said: Unicom mobile tariffs 10% lower than the national policy is allowed, Hubei Mobile is not the implementation of national telecom tariff policy, China Unicom also malicious attacks on the media, saying that reduced income, loss of long-term plight of the rural telephone. According to Ministry of Information Industry announced that the first quarter of this year, the National Rural new telephone subscribers last year actually dropped by 40%. Authorities called for: to attach great importance to make matters worse, the rural telephone.

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