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Part No. : TD62706P
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Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor
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Yue Xiang 1000 tend to look is also more business oriented, the chassis and the monitor are the main colors in black, decorated with silver, and other office environment is also more harmonious office environment. Front audio, microphone jack and two USB interfaces, user-friendly, the configured 17-inch flat screen monitors, can basically meet the business use. In the configuration, Yue Cheung 1000 uses Intel Celeron D 331 processor and comes standard with 256MB DDR memory, 80GB 7200 SATA hard drive switch, configure the CD drive. Although such a configuration of computer products nowadays seems not high, but for business users, it appears that the economic and practical, to meet the needs of commercial users based office.
This said, the cost is not simply refer to the monthly cost of telephone charges, but specifically into the budget costs, actual expenses and costs, opportunity costs and the cost of communications equipment investment accounting and so on. It also involves long-distance telephone company is more, resulting in greater cost pressure. As the Groups overall cost of telephone exchange is not low, so before buying, business stakeholders need to think twice, combining the purchasing power of enterprises, cash position, the companys business development speed and the companys business needs and other factors, integrated After consideration of various factors, calculate the cost and return on your investment, your choice to get the bosss favor! Purchasing power and cash position of the enterprise is of a companys corporate strength and cash position, this need not say much. A business if the phone is very high, more long-distance and business more closely aligned to the field offices, who want to control the communication costs of travel, but at the same time want to communicate with the travel of personnel, the companies need to consider this IP-based network of small and medium enterprise voice communications systems.

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