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Part No. : TD62382AF
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Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor
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In certain frequency range, the ratio of crosstalk and attenuation relationship is reflected in the performance of cable to another important parameter. ACR is sometimes said to noise ratio, which consists of the worst value of attenuation and NEXT margin calculations. ACR is large, indicating a stronger anti-interference ability. General system requires at least greater than 10 dB. The quality of the communication channel is described by its cable properties. SNR is the signal interference, taking into account the circumstances, a measure of signal strength data. If the SNR is too low, will cause the data signal is received, the receiver can not distinguish between data signals and noise signals, and ultimately lead to data errors. Therefore, in order to limit data errors within a certain range, you must define a minimum can be received SNR. In testing these indicators in several different ways, and its target requirements are slightly different. These performance indicators are in accordance with the requirements of the physical characteristics of the cable, the people in the real network applications, the transmission bandwidth is more like to know what exactly should meet the requirements. In the cable analysis, the physical bandwidth and data transfer bandwidth are two completely different concepts. Shannon can be seen from the theorem of bandwidth and data transfer bandwidth of physical relationship between:

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