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Part No. : TD62381P
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Page Number : 7
Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor
File Size : 252 Kb

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Even if a sudden broken needles, without prejudice to compensation under the effect of acupuncture can also be printed as usual. Feeder to achieve 5 inches / second paper speed, maximum width of the paper support the chain is 101.6mm \ 270mm, wide-format reports specifically for print. In the form of print on thick paper, feeder has enough sensitivity and smooth feed delivery performance. This machine is equipped with 256kB data buffer monitoring program with optimized design, the volume highlights the printing speed and the advantage of printing large files. The same design is also TY series of 300,600 +, 810,1300,2300 style products such as has been applied.
Applications typically include a database system and application development for some systems. For the security of database systems, usually to note the following: User categories: different types of users should be granted access to different databases; administrative rights: land rights such as database systems, resource management authority, the database administrator privileges, remote access, etc.; data Category: For each type of user that he can use a different database, the database should be classified. Different users to access different database systems; audit function: DBMS audit function to provide the maintenance of database security is very important, it is used to monitor the users actions imposed on the database. Users can audit and system audit to find two ways out of the process of using the database

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