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Part No. : TD62304AF
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Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor
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If Windows XP did not pass genuine validation the user will experience: * After the user to boot into the desktop background is black, the user can reset your desktop background, but every 60 minutes, the desktop background will change back to black again. Black desktop background will not affect the computers functions or lead to shutdown. ? The user logs in, will see a login dialog box interrupts, and the lower right corner of the screen there will be a permanent reminder notice and continuing the dialog box displays "You may be victim of software counterfeiting" and other tips. * Compared to the previous WGA notification, remove the installation wizard to simplify the installation process to provide customers with a more streamlined installation experience. In addition, the new EULA will allow users to automatically receive future updates to WGA. This is a genuine increase the user experience, they will not have to click to install the WGA update next. If the Office user does not pass genuine validation, the user experience will be divided into three phases: * Verify the first 1-14 days after the failure, there will be a pop-up dialog box to remind customers who run Office software is not genuine, and guide customers to take action. Before turning into genuine Office, customers will be the first time in the day to open Office software and receive one 2 h after reminder dialog

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