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TC7W08FK Datasheet | Toshiba Semiconductor
Part No. : TC7W08FK
Description : DUAL 2-INPUT AND GATE
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Page Number : 7
Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor
File Size : 204 Kb

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More does not work, less has not completely determined by the actual situation. For example, we want to attack may be used to determine what tools, then in addition to SYN and FIN flag, is also what other properties? "Reflexive" port though suspicious, but many tools are used to it, and some normal communications have this phenomenon, it is not appropriate selected features. 1028 TCP window size, although a bit suspicious, but it can also happen naturally. The same IP identification number 39426. ACK ACK flag value is not obviously illegal, and therefore very suitable for selected characteristics of the data. Of course, according to the different environment, timely adjustment of the data or a combination of features, is the only way to achieve optimal results. Next we actually create a feature for finding and identifying synscan TCP packet sent in each of the following properties: The first project is too common, the second and third joint projects in the same situation is not a lot of packets Therefore, these three items together to define a detailed feature of the. Together with other synscan property does not significantly improve the accuracy of features, can only increase the cost of resources. This, determine the characteristics of such synscan software to create finished.
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