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It is reported that Chinas Internet penetration and Internet users has reached a certain level of maturity, the life of the outbreak of Internet applications will begin in 2011 will be the golden period of life of the Internet, and 58 city and UCWEB this cooperation will be living the outbreak of Internet applications warm-up ahead of time. Some experts said that if the city did 58 successful cooperation with UCWEB will classified information and the development of mobile Internet has brought new revelation. UCWEB will continue when the curtain is almost the same as on the release of two comics, Connaught large classroom, sitting under the podium one after another answer in their hands to try it. We come to finding fault in this game, in primary school classroom, is a perfectly normal scene. But, this time the students sitting in the classroom, daily hard work into three feet of the podium in the northwestern village teachers. Epson Multimedia Classroom teachers love the formal training program started in Shanghai, from Gansu and Shaanxi provinces a total of 12 100 rural school teachers and school administrators gathered in Shanghai to receive a week-long teachers with skills training system. When the citys teachers and students have been able to skillfully use of interactive multimedia technology for teaching, the primary and secondary schools in the West, this teaching is in the ascendant, and slowly infiltrated into the classroom teaching.
Kearney, 2001-2010 Forecast of China Unicom, China Mobile of points * market is expected to be as high as 330 billion in 2005, will reach 540 billion in 2010 * China Unicoms market share of about 30% of the more optimistic estimate: the assumption CDMA and follow-up system to better access to market recognition * China Unicom is expected beginning in 2004, to create a comprehensive 3G network * China Unicom from 2001 to 2010 is expected to total more than 440 billion CAPEx * China Unicom from 2001 to 2010 key financial data 2, the second key question to answer than the answer the first question is much more difficult. The successful introduction of CDMA system, the necessary and sufficient prerequisite, it should be at least two: One is the mobile communications market and the recognition and acceptance of its users; the other is mobile phone manufacturers to provide timely choice of many cheap products.

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