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Part No. : TC74VHC244F
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Page Number : 6
Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor
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For enterprises or government offices and design, also suitable for small businesses and home with the Office of the FlexScan EV2313W, is EIZO incorporates the concept of ergonomics and environmental protection "EcoView" product line, including a new member, can effectively enhance the user comfort and reduce the impact on the natural environment and can reduce the cost. Through the ambient light sensor and built-in LED backlight Auto EcoView, FlexScan EV2313W in everyday use to more effectively reduce energy consumption. Auto EcoView can detect ambient light and by optimizing the screen brightness to the ideal state, when equipped with LED backlighting used in the operation of standard mode power consumption is 16 watts, with the previous 22-inch display with CCFL Comparison 1, power consumption by up to 60%.
Paper packaging products are beautiful, positive labeled Athlon64 X2 series name. Athlon64 X2 processor, the grass is yellow, the unique packaging is easy to identify. Products marked corner labeled "5200 +" and "Socket AM2" word. The actual frequency of 2.6GHz, product FSB 200MHz, multiplier 13 to support the 1000MHz HT bus, support for dual-channel DDR2-800 memory. Product operating voltage 1.3V, power dissipation is 89W, support for MMX, 3DNOW! +, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, NX-bit and X86-64 instruction set. Products with 1152KB +1152 KB cache organization model in which each core has a separate 1MB cache and 128KB level two cache. Products using 90 nanometer process technology, the core area of 220MM2, the number of transistors 43 million to 200 million. Product OPN code AD05200CSBOX, checksum encoded as 901307J60292. Product ID is "ADA5200IAA6CS", which "ADA5200" on behalf of the desktop with a dual-core 5200 + processor; "I" on behalf of products using AM2 Interface, "AA" on behalf of product support "Cool and Quiet" technology, with temperature and intelligent regulation technology, " 6 "represents the class with 2MB L2 cache," CS "said the 90nm Windsor core.

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