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Part No. : TC74LCX16374AFT
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Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor
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IDS in the testing and evaluation of specific implementation process, in addition to IDSs detection rate and false alarm rate, the individual will tend to consider these two indicators are closely related to some factors, such as the number of features to detect intrusion, IP fragment reassembly capability, TCP stream reassembly capabilities. Obviously, the number of features can detect intrusion more the higher detection rate. In addition, to increase the detection of attackers to bypass IDS detection even more difficult, often specially designed to send the packet. In order to improve the detection rate of IDS false alarm rate reduction IDS, IDS often need to take some measures, such as IP fragmentation capability, TCP stream reassembly. Because the analysis of individual data packet will lead to many false positive and false negative, so the reorganization of IP fragments can increase the accuracy of detection. IP fragment reassembly of the evaluation criteria has three performance parameters: IP points to the largest reorganization of Numbers; can simultaneously restructuring the IP packet data; to be the largest reorganization of the length of IP data packets, TCP stream reassembly in order to complete the network of dialogue analysis, it is a network application layer IDS on the basis of analysis. Such as checking e-mail content. Accessories, check FTP transmission of data, block access to harmful web sites, to determine the illegal HTTP requests. These two capabilities will directly affect the reliability of IDS detection.
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