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Part No. : TC74LCX138FT
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Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor
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Memory, the graphics card equipped with a modern 1.4ns GDDR3 memory particles, composed of the front four 256MB/128bit the memory specifications, the graphics default frequency 540/1400MHz, fully consistent with the public version setting. Card cooling uses a powerful "pressure combined solid + screws" Copper aluminum radiator. Fin was "bucket" segment-like, very large cooling area; pressure is to a picture of solid aluminum structure under high pressure combined with the benefits of doing so is that every piece of aluminum can directly with the GPU core contact them directly to the heat conductivity, making the heat sink more uniform heat distribution, thermal efficiency of natural outstanding. Power supply, the graphics core and memory using a separate power supply design, a large number of raw materials used electrolytic capacitors, ceramic inductors with half-closed to ensure the stable operation of graphics cards for a long time. Interface, Biostar VR8603GT21 provides DVI + TV-OUT + VGA output, this card supports the latest NVIDIAs PureVideo HD video with H.264 hardware acceleration.

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