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Manufacturer : TelCom Semiconductor, Inc
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Asus server board total generation in China: Guangzhou Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Letter dimension Tel: 4006786020 020-38638003Fax :020-38637770http: / / www.trusme.com.cn the Second Session of the Eleventh National Peoples Congress, Premier Wen Jiabao In the government work report on the task in 2009 again highlighted the top ten, including electronic information industry, including the revitalization plan, and proposed to "upgrade traditional service industries, vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation." In the beginning of this year, China approved in principle the Governments electronic information industry restructuring and rejuvenation program, also clearly will support the development of software and information services to enhance the capacity of independent development of software industry. From the end of last year, "Nuclear high base" special start-up and 4 trillion investment to the central economic work conference was held, the information industry has been strong government support. Recently, the software industry innovation and development has become a "two sessions" on behalf of, members of a hot topic. NPC President Dong Mingzhu Gree proposed the "innovation driven confidence" motion, calling on companies adhere to independent innovation, research and development core technology to master the industry the right to speak.
Hot standby system through redundancy solution to the reliability of computer application systems. It is a combination of high-reliability hardware and software application mode, the system consists of two servers and an external disk array cabinets and the corresponding software composition. The users data on the external disk array storage tray cabinet, operating systems and applications installed on two servers built-in system tray, then the corresponding two-machine software under control. When a server running an application as a master server, another server is the backup machine. Backup machine constantly monitors the main server, if the primary server fails, the backup machine will automatically take over the task of the host, making the application can continue to work. Once the host repaired, the task can be cut back to the host from the backup machine.

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