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Moreover, according to a government official said the federal government will be asked to give up about 45% of the allocation of spectrum auctions, because they do not use and share these spectrum. The remaining spectrum will be used for the auction have been arranged from some other camera wireless spectrum held by communications companies, once they give up their spectrum holdings, which will be subject to government incentives. Microsoft is doing to Windows 8? There are rumors that the 128-bit operating system will be released in 2012. However, what the operating system features an excellent user upgrade worth it? Some Windows enthusiast Web site has just released a number of Microsoft insiders leaked documents. These documents provide the things Microsoft is considering.
Second, the scale. Nokia is currently in the Mainland, such as a joint venture with Beijing Capitel Nokia factories, annual production of 20 million; Motorola in Tianjin and Hangzhou in China have two factories, annual production of 15 million or so; Ericsson factory production capacity in Nanjing is not small. In contrast, the mainlands mobile phone production capacity much smaller scale, both in the annual output of one million or so. Large scale of production, coupled with the mainlands cheap labor local, foreign cost advantage is obvious the phone. Third, price. TV, desktop computers can beat foreign brands, depends heavily on the price war. But the mobile phone is different, the price of foreign brands had a skilled war. Mainland mobile phone production to squeeze some of their models are often substantially lower prices. Currently foreign brands did not, as some media put it, "moving away from low-end mobile phone market," but by "the people machine" to "elite unit" all the way to spread, the price ranging from 1000-8000 yuan, so that Mainland mobile phone production from the price cut is difficult.

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