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Payroll human resources management is considered an important part of the author in this part of the more time spent to simulate various levels to establish the composition and method of calculation staff salaries, the test results that the software meets the user-defined pay Kemu and the demand for salary calculation, salary calculation automatically and personnel, time and attendance information synchronization module to support daily, monthly, time, piece rate, bonuses and other compensation programs, employee remuneration calculated at any time, and can generate a variety of payroll reports. In addition the software also provides the bank offer function, support a variety of banking output format, the specific use of the process simple, interface compatibility, a relatively complete a function.
IBM DB2 database to a new generation of engines of all power relations are used to support real local XML storage, the storage and keep pace with DB2 relational data repository. Today, relational database companies of all sizes to promote business development. Although these databases are popular and important, but they simply can not express with a semi-structured XML content than. As enterprises in the relational data and relational database management systems to invest up to one trillion U.S. dollars, so simply replace RDBMS pure XML storage is not feasible. Store XML data will only add to the enterprise database infrastructure will encounter the problem of integration and complexity.

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