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The two companies have successfully conducted a 2.5GHz frequency band chipset joint interoperability testing. On this basis, the new program not only extended the original scope of work, but also cover the new band. Especially in the 3.5GHz frequency band, Alcatel-Lucent in the global communications equipment manufacturers in a leading position in the network has been built and put into 7 sets of commercial operation, and another 14 sets of the network is deployed. In addition, WiMAX Ensure program will also include the 2.3GHz frequency equipment in the next test. Intel Capital Vice President Sriram Viswanathan, general manager of WiMAX project team, said: "WiMAX Ensure program is designed to participate in the WiMAX product and service providers more protection. Alcatel-Lucent is actively engaged in the global 3.5GHz band network deployment, is open and has been a staunch supporter of WiMAX equipment system. Intel and Alcatel-Lucent look forward to continued close cooperation. "
Medical network building floor plan design were used in a total of 5 waves with fast WBS-2400 Wi-Fi cellular base station, the overall coverage of medical floor, 2 sets WBS-2400 Wi-Fi cellular base stations configured in a positive medical floor, covering internal medicine front room floor area. Each base station in accordance with the order from low to high order covering 10 floors, fast wireless base station products, based on wave wireless transmission characteristics of each base station installed in their lowest 10-story building, to fully cover at least 10 floors of the positive region room. Configured the same way back in a medical building 2 sets of WBS-2400 Wi-Fi cellular base station can completely cover the floor on the back of the room and public area location. Five of the conference hall, will be configured in front of a medical building units WBS-2400 Wi-Fi cellular base stations installed in the floor, the front side of the Chamber position. Ensure good coverage of the conference hall effect. For the B1 level underground parking can be a positive one through the medical floor, 1 set WBS-2400 Wi-Fi cellular base stations, covering the entire underground car park, mobile PC, wireless phone, PDA, wireless video cameras, a variety of Wi-Fi terminals to meet our customers a variety of applications. WBS-2400 Wi-Fi cellular base stations BeamForming the industrys most advanced technology and unique leading SDMA technology, through 6 sets of smart antenna array RF device provides the wireless AP was significantly greater than normal range, with excellent non-line-transmission capacity and indoor penetration. 5 Based on the powerful WBS-2400 bandwidth capacity can fully meet the medical floor, more than a thousand beds and doctors, nurses, demand for wireless communications office, even if the same time the log rate of 70%, to ensure that users can browse the Web smoothly, instant messaging, send and receive E-mail applications. Therefore, the realization of the medical building surface coverage, providing a steady, practical, deeper coverage of broadband wireless access network.

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