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Part No. : TC4013BFN
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Page Number : 7
Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor
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From 2009, the video set off a genuine crisis the industry, video, copyright disputes between enterprises, "one after another," By 2010, the official video site the first year of the arrival of genuine, "copyright" in the video industry has become the hottest year keywords. With BTs shut down, no audio-visual continuous video site licenses closed, shielding the harsh environment, advertisers choose to advertise pirated video site would face huge risks, not only may be involved in prosecution of copyright business, but also make enterprises wasted advertising costs, and ultimately damage to corporate reputation. According to data from third-party investigation agency, with the continuous improvement of industry self-regulation, is expected mid-2010, advertisers will no longer select the non-copyrighted video site ads, because of its advertising revenue much lower than The resulting high negative risks. Therefore, the video site know, "No genuine film and television simply can not based on, advertisers will also be implicated," the video has become the genuine trend.
"But without the detailed design of the behavior detection security products, but may not allow users to benefit," Symantec behavior detection engine technology architect Mark Obrecht said behavior detection technology used in some software, suspect caught After the application, mostly out of the window requires the user to judge whether or not to release. He believes that most users lack the general ability to determine the degree of harm, providing the user the result of too much choice, but lets users may feel impatient with the consent of the next option would click, so that their exposure to threats, but also the significance of the loss of security products. "Some products are suspicious behavior is detected, then the entire application directly to block or page," Symantecs consumer products division Bill Rosenkrantz, director of product management, added, completely blocking will not work for users computer, although security may be higher, "but it did not take into account the practical needs of users," he said.

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