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Part No. : TB62007F
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Page Number : 9
Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor
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"Security is on the level, you need to use a layered approach to security" - of course, not anything new, but remark on how many times is not too excessive, especially for Vistas security features placed too much want to protect their consumers. Customers network effect will no doubt be an improvement. Okin said: "From a consumer point of view, I think the biggest improvement is around the user, and Internet Explorer for access control." "The current trend is, they will receive more prompt information. But if the people and In this connection, the industry can form a consensus that such an environment more secure, I think, from a positive point of view of observation, which will have a significant impact. "
Recently, the "Hong Kong Science and Technology of China Aviation Development Forum" in Beijing grand opening of the forum on how to promote scientific and technological level of Chinas aviation ports, improve international competitiveness and other hot issues in depth. IFLYTEK as a special unit, details of the speech technology application in the air port, while showing the speech synthesis, speech recognition and voiceprint recognition technology to a new generation of intelligent combination of call center system, in order to improve the overall air port level of service to attract customers with new guidelines.

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