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Part No. : TB31214FN
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Page Number : 18
Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor
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If the NIDSs MTU and MTU inconsistent with the protected if the host, you can carefully set at between MTU and set the packet is not fragmented, so that the Sensor and protected NIDS host not the same as the received data packet to around over NIDS monitoring. Some network devices will handle TOS option, if the NIDS and host their own protected network device connected to a different treatment, then set the TOS options through carefully, will result in the Sensor and protected NDIS host receives the packet order is not Like so may lead to NIDS packet after the reorganization of the host to be protected inconsistent data packets to bypass the NIDS monitoring.
Editor Comments: This is a fall in the end product, and the price is quite cheap, especially in the work, the use of non-reference PCB design, graphics cards using electrolytic capacitors and inductor combination R68M closed! If you are interested can go to the editors recommend the place to buy! 8600GT-1024 GD2 Yeston Yeston Widescreen Edition Widescreen Edition 8600GT-1024 GD2, which adopted the 80nm G84 graphics core technology, using standard DirectX 10 unified shader architecture, built-in 32 stream processors, supports DirectX 10 and SM 4.0 special effects, and can be connected through the dual-card set SLi mode. The greatest feature is its graphics card is the worlds first mass memory with a 1GB capacity of the 8600GT graphics card, large capacity memory cards make the environment in the resolution to have better performance.

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