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The owner of a large number of sites trying to move out of the server. Netcom said it had already "landlord" taken to court, still need to move out of the server regarding the consultation. Netcom partys reply on the site is still "pending notification", the normal operation of these sites, it is difficult to guarantee. The cable company called Network Communications Co., Ltd. of Beijing, was established in May 2000, is an IDC service providers. The so-called IDC service providers, is to provide server hosting services, "the landlord." Each site as a "tenant", will be unified web server placed in the "landlord" in the engine room, by the "landlord" to provide routine maintenance and other services. July 2003, the cable company and China Netcom signed an agreement IDC room, rental of 200 square meters room Yizhuang a term of 5 years. This new room located in the Serious and international data center, the center is one of Asias largest IDC room. As of early this year, there are a large number of site owners and cable companies have signed an agreement in the hosting server, Li Fei is one of them.
Microsoft originally proposed, the European launch of Windows 7 is not included with the browser - also known as Windows "E" version. However, the European authorities, to do so probably can not eliminate existing doubts. Microsoft announced a week ago, will wait for the European authorities approved the plan, and then launch the browser is not included with Windows "E" version. 31, Microsoft said it has decided to launch in Europe and other parts of the same version of Windows 7, because the PC manufacturers have complained, with a brief introduction of the browser is not Windows 7, will they cause trouble. Deputy Officer of Microsoft, said Dave Heiner: "taking into consideration the development last week, and the PC manufacturers and other business partners on Windows 7 E version of the feedback, we launched in October in Europe and other parts of the world the same version of Windows 7 . "

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