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Part No. : TA8184P
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Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor
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First, partners must have their different core competencies, and ensure through a combination of their core competencies to produce one plus one is greater than the parts, on the contrary, members of the supply chain division occurs is unknown, the embarrassment of cooperation will not ring true . Second, partners need to have a smaller difference between the values and strategic thinking, values and strategic thinking, if the gap is too large, and cooperation will end in failure. Third, appropriate partners, small but efficient, purpose and pertinence, the cooperation will lead to over-proliferation of too many resources, opportunities and costs money.
Zhi-Xiong Yang said the SMEs in China, Ningbo, as the most developed areas, is of vital importance SaaS vendors can "close and users" to understand the market for UF, it provides a favorable opportunity. The General Assembly issued the "2008 White Paper on Chinas SaaS market": the overall size of Chinas current SaaS market reached 15.75 billion yuan, of which managed SaaS market reached 4.5 billion, representing an increase of 104% in 2006; in many SaaS vendors, UF library network because of their technical expertise Wei strong focus on small and medium enterprises and 60 million customers UF customer life cycle and ecosystem management strategy and other advantages, be counted in the world Websense China Zhi-Ming Li, Senior Technical Adviser Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Information Industry and the State Council Information Office ministries jointly issued a "special efforts to carry out junk e-mail notification", which marked the official kick off anti-spam war . Since then, the domestic anti-spam market, crowded, government, universities, enterprises, telecom operators have deployed anti-spam and other products. Today, the anti-spam products have become essential for network security protection an important part.

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